Online API

Ideal for companies who are seeking flexibility. Increase efficiency and control of your payments with an easy-to-integrate API. Send instant payments and get to know the status of each transaction easily.

Hosted platform

Send payments and control invoices online. The ideal way to deal with cross-border payments, offering flexibility and control at the same time.

Global coverage

Our network of payers around the globe is working around the clock to ensure transactions are delivered safely, securely and on time.

Local knowledge

By partnering with multiple payers globally, we are able to offer the right service tailored for each market need. Our platform provides disbursements in different forms such as bank transfer, cash pickup, mobile payment, bill pay and many more.


Our disbursement platform is designed to allow companies to send funds abroad quickly and reliably. This can be achieved using an exclusive online portal, where after a simple agreement with us, you can add your beneficiaries, selecting where you want to pay and how you want to deliver the money; You can also use our simplified API, integrating directly into your system.

Scenario 1: company hires vendors and freelancers in Europe and Asia, and need to pay their services. Freelancers register an invoice at the portal, and the company authorizes their payment online.

Scenario 2: digital company need to pay hundreds of vendors across Latin America and wants to use their system to control automatic payment. Their system integrates to GMT using our API in order to disburse funds.