Online API

Easy access and real-time updates, our platform are able to perform several checks, including KYC and anti-fraud.

Online tool

Configure thresholds, monitor your compliance activities and execute reports using an online tool.

Peace of mind

OFAC, PEP, UN, EU and many other lists are part of the solution, updated daily.

Team of experts

Expert team is constantly monitoring transactions to ensure proper compliance.


The audience for this product are financial institutions, MSBs, MTOs or any company willing to comply with regulation to perform activities related to money transfer. 

Designed by experienced professionals in the money transfer and trade industry, our compliance platform comprises best practices and regulatory requirements, audited regularly by regulators and financial institutions.

Using cutting-edge technology, the solution is capable of detecting different types of problems in real-time, offering a simple API integration. Compliance agents can access an online platform, being able to modify thresholds, limits and check different reports. 

More than offering standard checks over OFAC, PEP and different national lists, we offer a complete compliance framework.