Compliance System

System is updated in real time, and was developed as a conversation with regulators.

Routinely Audited

Top notch proprietary intelligence system continuously adapting.

Constant Monitoring

OFAC, PEP, UN, EU and many other lists are part of the solution, updated daily.

Team of experts

Expert team is constantly monitoring transactions to ensure proper compliance.

Core Value

Our experienced professionals meticulously designed the Hawkeye compliance system. An industry-leading platform comprising the best practices and regulatory requirements, and undergoes regular audits by both regulatory authorities and major financial institutions.

The tech-powered solution excels at detecting real-time problems. Our compliance team can access an elaborate online platform, enabling them to modify thresholds, and limits, check different reports, and conduct Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) in real time.

At GMT, we regularly conduct standard checks such as OFAC, PEP, and various national sanctions lists – offering a complete compliance framework that ensures the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance.